Independent Prescribing 1: Core Knowledge for Independent Prescribing

Key information

Course Leader: Colin Davidson

Level: 7

Credits: 30

Mode of delivery: Taught

Learner Hours: Learning hours 300 per module with combination of online lecture material, self-directed learning and webinar interaction. Each lecture is followed by a series of formative MCQs. Each module is followed by a summative assessment which must be passed to progress. The assessment comprises MCQs, short answer questions and VRICs. Module 2 assessment also comprises a practical OSCE.

School: Health & Social Work


  • 01/18/2022
  • 09/28/2021
  • 09/28/2021

Fees and Funding


Entry Requirements

The entry requirements for the course are set by the General Optical Council. You will need to have:


·         A General Optical Council recognised undergraduate degree in Optometry.


·         A current registration with the General Optical Council.


·         Evidence of current experience. This should be in the area you intend to practice. It can be a supporting letter from an ophthalmologist, professional services manager or other person within the organisation you work for.


·         Evidence of CET activity in your chosen area.


·         Any relevant higher education qualification.


·         Written confirmation of the type of clinical practice in the intended area.


·         Identified a suitable ophthalmologist mentor


Please note, that to commence the clinical placement you must have been registered with the General Optical Council for at least two years.


Course Overview

The independent prescribing course at the University of Hertfordshire comprises of two 30 credit postgraduate (Level 7) modules. This is the first module and will cover the following topics:


Anatomy and physiology








History taking


Methods of ocular examination


Infection control


Drug legislation and ethical prescribing


Cardiovascular, endocrine and respiratory systems


Misuse of medicines and antimicrobial resistance


You are able to progress through the course at your own rate. It would normally be expected that you would complete the course in 12-18 months. Students must complete module 1 before commencing module 2. Both modules must be taken and passed before sitting a final OSCE assessment.


Please ensure you complete the Supplementary Admissions From which is located on the right handside under downloads.  Please complete and then upload to your application portal which submitting your application form.