Introduction to R for Life and Social Sciences

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This course is aimed at those who want to get to know R and how to use it for undertaking data analysis. It is particularly aimed at those who are working in the life and social sciences.

The first day covers the basics of R and how it operates. You will get your data into R, manipulate it to obtain basic summary statistics, tables and charts and get to know how the R environment works.

The second day will show you how to use R to carry out commonly used statistical techniques. You may bring your own data for analysis or use the example datasets we provide. You will also see how the impressive graphics capabilities of R can be used to produce customised charts.

As well as getting to know R, we will show you how RStudio can be used as a front-end for managing your R programming. You can use the computers in our training room or bring your own laptop.

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Why choose this course?

This course will provide an introduction to using R and undertaking analyses using R, with a special emphasis on those techniques and methods most useful to those in the life and social sciences. It will focus on the practical operation of the software and obtaining useful output.

Entry requirements...

No prior knowledge of computer programming is required but some familiarity with basic statistical methods would be advantageous.

Course fees

Dates: We are currently assessing whether a quality online delivery of this course is possible.