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4WBS0010 Global Perspectives in Business (Lvl 4) (Online)

About the course

The aims of this course are to enable students to appreciate the nature of challenges and implications raised by globalisation and cultural difference and to develop the skills needed to become a culturally confident citizen. 

Who should attend this course?

  • Anyone interested in engaging in Continuous Professional Development (CPD) at any level
  • Anyone who would like to test their aptitude for study and take advantage of the opportunity to earn credits for individual Accreditation of Prior Certificated Learning (APCL) 
  • If you do not meet the entry requirements for the full BA Business Administration (online) you can sign up for three modules, and if you pass the modules you will be allowed to enrol onto the full course.

Course content

Globalisation of business is creating a substantial increase in intercultural contact, which is reflected in the skills set of managers operating in a globalised world. Managers need to develop sensitivity to and a critical understanding of issues arising out of cultural difference, and be equipped to manage and operate in diverse environments. 

The course will explore themes of: (a) concepts of culture, (b) cultural differences and (c) globalisation. It will also explore related ideas such as ethnocentrism and stereotyping. It will look at and draw upon the work of leading theorists, such as Hofstede and Trompenaars, in the analysis of cultural difference. It will look at cross-cultural differences in communication and negotiation style and considers the practical consequences of cultural difference for corporations and globally mobile staff/individuals.

Teaching methods

Distance learning



Start DateEnd DateLink
17/09/201831/01/2019Apply online (Distance (Part Time))

Course fees

Credit level for this course is 15 credits, total fee is £640.