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7LMS0220 Practical Dermoscopy

About the course

This course aims to enable practitioners to use dermoscopic skills to separate benign from malignant skin lesions, facilitating early detection and management of skin cancer.

Dermoscopy is an essential tool in the diagnosis and management of skin lesions and specialists involved in assessing pigmented lesions must use dermsocopy as part of their clinical assessment.

The course has been developed in response to the need for instruction that includes supervised practice and formal assessment of competency in performing dermoscopy. Students will be required to identify a suitable practice supervisor who must be a registered health professional who has relevant experience and skills in performing dermoscopy assessment of skin lesions. You will be expected to complete a dermoscopy skills portfolio under the guidance of a practice supervisor over the duration of the course.

The emphasis is to develop and consolidate skills in dermoscopy leading to the appropriate and timely management of skin lesions over 3days of classroom teaching. It will include the following:

  • The correct use of dermoscopy equipment
  • The evidence base for use of dermoscopy in day to day clinical practice
  • Typical dermoscopic features of common benign and malignant skin lesions
  • Use of dermoscopy in the context of skin lesion care pathways and national guidance (NICE)
  • Introduction to teledermoscopy, mole mapping and teledermatology.

Teaching methods

This course, combines classroom teaching and work-based learning. It has been developed to meet the needs of health care professionals involved regularly in the diagnosis and management of skin lesions.

Students will need previous and ongoing regular access to large numbers of patients with skin lesions and a suitable clinical supervisor who uses dermoscopy regularly in clinical practice.  A log diary of a minimum of 50 patients during the study period will form an essential part of the assessment.



Start DateEnd DateYearLocationLink
21/09/202431/01/20251UH Hatfield CampusApply online (Part Time)
01/04/202513/09/20251UH Hatfield CampusApply online (Part Time)
01/05/202530/09/20251UH Hatfield CampusApply online (Part Time)


Start DateEnd DateYearLocationLink
21/09/202531/01/20261UH Hatfield CampusApply online (Part Time)
01/04/202613/09/20261UH Hatfield CampusApply online (Part Time)
01/05/202630/09/20261UH Hatfield CampusApply online (Part Time)

Course fees

Self-funding home/EU students

£1400 per 30 credits