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Course Overview

The module is now closed till the portal reopens for September 2024

The Return to Practice module is part of the Contemporary Nursing Programme and was revalidated at the University of Hertfordshire in October 2019 in line with the new Nursing and Midwifery Council standards relating to proficiency, education, supervision and return to practice. All of these various standards can be found on the NMC website at: NMC Standards

The module is designed to help lapsed registrants get back on to the NMC register and reactivate their NMC registration and we welcome applicants from all fields of nursing. Please note that if you are also a health visitor or midwife, you will need to complete further competencies subsequent to this module in order to take up these posts again.

Application requirements

You will need to fill out the online application and MUST also submit the following documents with the application - please note candidates will only be offered an interview once they have submitted all the correct documents.  

Please note it will take 4-6 weeks to process your application and to be invited for the interview.

  • Copy of passport photo page
  • Please see the downloads on the right hand side for the ID Documents checklist to provide TWO of the secondary ID Documents
  • Copy of qualifications
  • NMC statement of entry showing your lapsed status
  • 2 Satisfactory References: (Please see the downloads on the right hand side for the reference template)
  1. Professional Reference - This should be from your line manager at your current place of employment or most recent employer.  If this is not possible then two-character references are required.
  2. Character Reference - This could be from your GP, voluntary work, a friend or colleague in a professional position, or a schoolteacher if you have children at school. 

Registration will be checked with the NMC to confirm that applicants are lapsed and eligible to re-enter their chosen field of professional practice. As part of the process, applicants will also have to pass an Enhanced DBS clearance as well as Occupational Health and NHS counter fraud screening.  You will not be able to practice until these have been cleared.

Upon successful completion of the module, applicants who are members of the European Union must present a letter of confirmation and a PRN from the Nursing and Midwifery Council (NMC). 

Module Format

The Return to Practice (RtP) module at the University of Hertfordshire consists of a block of 3 study days in university at the start of the module before you go out into practice. This is then followed by a further 4 study days approximately a month apart. The module is offered at level 6 and level 7, please note that 30 credits at level 6 can be put towards your level 7 study at this university if you wish to go on and do your master’s degree after completing the module.

Length of Module

The module is offered in semester A (September to January) and semester B (January to May). Most RtP students have found this time frame allows enough time to complete the required hours however, should you need more time to complete your practice hours, you have the option to take an extended module over semester A and B (September to May) or B and C (January to July).

Practice Hours and Placement Area

The module requires that a standard 225 practice hours are completed by all RtP students. However, if you do wish to complete more hours because of the length of time that you have been lapsed from the NMC register, the previously mandated practice hours (above the standard 225 hours) are shown below as a guide.

9–12 years of lapsed practice = 300 hours
12+ years of lapsed practice = 375 hours 

The returner is advised to apply for paid or voluntary employment prior to applying for this module in order to secure a placement throughout the module. However, the module leader can work with the returner to facilitate sourcing of placements before the module commences. Once a placement has been secured, this should be confirmed (by the Trust) in writing to the module leader prior to the module commencing. Uniform and ID will be provided by the University prior to going onto placement. An interview will be held with the module leader and placement provider. Further information about returning to practice can be found here.


Learning in this module is assessed by the delivery of a presentation which requires you to reflect critically on an aspect of practice that has changed, to find and analyse the underpinning evidence, guidance and policy and then critically reflect on how this will be incorporated into your future practice.  You will also be required to submit a practice assessment document to determine your clinical compentency and sign off for returning to the register.

Please note, email is the preferred method of communication when contacting the Course Leader's Nathalie Pheasant and Anagha Sobha-Varghese -

 Return to Practice (Nurses)

Return to Practice (Midwives)