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Course Overview

Through this module, students will develop a wide range of transferable skills relating to the advancement of teaching, learning and assessment in practice and academic settings. Students will be enabled to articulate their understanding of pedagogic research and educational theories and their application to practice−based learning. This module facilitates students to advance their understanding of personal and professional development needs and lead strategic educational developments in the practice arena. 

Learning outcomes

Knowledge and Understanding:

Successful students will typically:

Demonstrate an advanced understanding of interprofessional teaching, learning & assessment strategies, and their application to learning in practice.

Critically reflect and analyse experiences of being a role model, educator, supervisor, coach and mentor, evidencing own learning and development.

Critically engage with pedagogical research and educational theories, considering their applicability within clinical practice.


Intellectual, Practical and Transferable Skills:

Successful students will typically:

Enable and support individuals and the wider team to identify learning and development needs.

Develop and utilise a strategic approach that advocates for and contributes to a culture of organisational learning that inspires future and existing staff.

Engage with technological tools to articulate and convey a strategic approach to learning and development within their own organisations.


Students will prepare and present a proposed strategic approach for interprofessional teaching learning and assessment in practice to evidence underpinning knowledge and understanding of pedagogical research and educational theory and their application in practice.