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Non Medical Prescribing Programme (NMP) for Nurses, Midwives, Pharmacists and Allied Health Professionals

Key information

Level: 7

Credits: 30

Mode of delivery: Main delivery will delivered by blended learning over a period of 24 weeks - 3 intakes September, January & March

School: Health & Social Work

Available places: 40


  • 11/09/2024
  • 11/09/2024
  • 16/01/2025
  • 16/01/2025
  • 05/03/2025
  • 05/03/2025
  • 11/09/2024

Fees and Funding


The price quoted above is per 30 credits and relates to students assessed as UK/home self-funded for fee purposes. Prices may differ for students that are assessed as EU Overseas/Overseas. Fees status will normally stay with the student for the remainder of their course. Here you can find further details along with, costs and when your fees need to be paid. You may be able to obtain a Post Graduate student loan, for which you must sign up for the whole MSc programme and not just individual modules or a Post Graduate Diploma, further details can be found at Master’s Loan

Course Overview

Applications are open for 2024/25.  

  • For all enquiries relating to the application process and finance, please email the CPD Health Team at    
  • For all enquiries relating to the delivery and assessment of the Programme, please email the teaching team at
  • For all enquiries relating to NHSe funded Pharmacists please contact



Programmes that this module can contribute towards:

·        MSc Specialist Community Public Health Nursing - Health Visiting / School Nursing

·        MSc Specialist Community Nursing - Community Children’s Nursing/ Community District Nursing/General Practice Nursing

·        MSc Advanced Paramedic Practice

·        MSc Contemporary Nursing

·        PgDip Pharmacy Practice

·        MSc Advanced Physiotherapy

·        MSc Advanced Midwifery

·        MSc Medical Imaging and Radiation Sciences – Advanced Radiotherapy and Oncology Practice





* At this point it has not been confirmed nationally whether there will be NHSe funded places for Pharmacists for 2024/25. Please still apply and we will hold your application until we have received confirmation. 

Group 1 (Pharmacy Integration Programme – PhIP)

  • Community pharmacists (including locum pharmacists) – To Prove Eligibility for funding you will need an email from your employer confirming you are working as a Community Pharmacist
  • Pharmacists employed in General Practice who are not eligible for, or enrolled on, the Primary Care Pharmacy Education Programme (PCPEP) To Prove Eligibility for funding you will need an email from your employer confirming you are working as a Pharmacist in General Practice
  • Pharmacists working to provide primary care services (e.g., working in primary care) who are not employed in ARRS roles - To Prove Eligibility for funding you will need an email from your employer confirming you are working as a Pharmacist in Primary Care and not employed in an ARRS Role
  • Health and Justice pharmacists   - To Prove Eligibility for funding you will need an email from your employer confirming you are working as a Pharmacist in Health an Justice related role

If you are unsure if you are employed via the ARRS please contact your employer. Further information on ARRS roles can be found here.

Group 2 - PCPEP

  • You need to be enrolled on CPPE’s Primary Care Pharmacy Education Pathway (PCPEP) and meet the PCPEP criteria to enrol on an Independent Prescribing Course.  – to prove eligibility, you will need to apply for a funding certificate through CPPE site and upload this with your application.


Our Interprofessional Programme for qualified Nurses, Midwives, Pharmacists, and Allied Health Professionals is designed to develop the skills, knowledge and attributes required for safe, appropriate, and cost-effective prescribing practice within the context of their specialist professional roles and the legislative and professional frameworks that govern their specific role. Our Programme involves blended learning strategies to facilitate effective inter-professional learning and the sharing of differing professional perspectives and expertise. Reflective discussions and prescribing analyses are held to enable students to integrate their learning within the context of their professional practice and to ensure that the specific requirements of the professional and statutory regulatory body (GPhC, HCPC and NMC) are fully addressed.

The Programme Certificate in Independent or Supplementary Prescribing Programme (Non-medical Prescribing (NMP)) consists of four 30 credit modules (students’ study one of the available four modules dependent upon their discipline) which have been accredited by either the GPhC, HCPC or NMC, they are:

• AHP Independent Prescribing Module (Physiotherapists, Paramedics, Podiatrists & Therapeutic Radiographers)

• AHP Supplementary Prescribing (Dietitians & Diagnostic Radiographers) 

• Nurse and Midwife Independent Prescribng (V300)

• Pharmacist Independent Prescribing

Currently Diagnostic Radiographers and Dietitians can only prescribe as a Supplementary Prescriber.

In accordance with regulatory body requirements students are required to complete 26 mandatory days of blended theoretical learning incorporating a combination of: 

• 3-4 interprofessional taught days either on-campus or online (Hybrid) at either our College Lane or De Havilland Campuses in Hatfield, Hertfordshire

• 10 live online interprofessional days delivered between 09.30-16.00 on Wednesdays (September 24 and March 25 Cohorts) or Thursdays (January 25 Cohort)

• Monthly online small group tutorials led by an identified Personal Tutor

• 1 live online assessment and diagnostic development day (Pharmacist students only)**

• 1 on-campus physical skills development day in a simulation laboratory on our College Lane Campus (Pharmacist and Supplementary AHP NMP students only)**

• Guided study days

* Requirements of at least 85% monitored attendance at live sessions which amounts to a maximum of 2 permitted absence days. 

** Pharmacist students are required to attend the mandatory assessment and diagnostic skills day, and students will not be able to complete the programme unless these days have been attended.


In accordance with regulatory body requirements students are required to successfully complete the following five assessments to complete the programme:

• Online Numeracy assessment (pass or fail with a minimum pass mark 100%).

• Direct observation of practice assessed in practice by your PA/PE/DPP and write up of this consultation with an example FP10 (pass or fail).

• Prescribing Essay written assignment, (minimum pass mark 50 (level 7) - the mark for this element determines the overall grade for this module.

• Unseen 1 hour Applied Pharmacology Examination (pass or fail with a minimum pass mark 80%).

• Prescribing Practice Portfolio (incorporating demonstration of the student’s achievement of the competences outlined in the Royal Pharmaceutical Society (RPS) A Competency Framework for All Prescribers) (pass or fail)

The length of registration for this module is normally one year and therefore each of the five assessments should be completed by this point other than in exceptional circumstances.


Prescribing Practice, Practice Supervision and Assessment

Alongside theoretical sessions students are also required to complete an additional compulsory additional period of 90 hours of supervised prescribing practice learning supported by a:

Practice Educator


AHP Students

Practice Supervisor and Practice Assessor

PS and PA

Nurse and Midwife Students

Designated Prescribing Practitioner


Pharmacist Students

 The amount of virtual consultation (telephone or video) allowed in supervised practice are limited. 

To be eligible to undertake these roles supporting professionals must meet the following criteria:

• Hold current registration with their professional regulator (NMC, HCPC, GPhC or GMC)

• Have been qualified as an independent or supplementary prescriber for a minimum period of 3 years within the student’s intended field of prescribing practice and prescribe regularly

• Meet all competencies within the Royal Pharmaceutical Society (RPS) A Competency Framework for All Prescribers and Royal Pharmaceutical Society (RPS) A Competency Framework for all Designated Prescribing Practitioners 

• Have experience or training in teaching, assessing and/or supervising in practice.

• Engage in on-going professional development to reflect and develop in my role

• Have the support of their employing organisation to act as the PE, DPP or PA for the student.

In undertaking this role supporting professionals agree to:

• Support the student/apprentice in their development of the competencies outlined in the Royal Pharmaceutical Society (RPS) A Competency Framework for All Prescribers and to collaborate effectively with the Students Practice Supervisor (nursing and midwifery students/apprentices only) and Personal Tutor and/or Academic Assessor to enable a valid assessment of the competencies achieved.

• Supervise, support, and assess the student/apprentice, facilitating them to spend a minimum of 25 of the required 90 hours of period of learning in practice with them during the programme.

• Appropriately raise to the Personal Tutor and/or Academic Assessor at the earliest opportunity and respond to any concerns regarding student/apprentice conduct, competence, and achievement, and understand I will be supported by the University of Hertfordshire in doing so.

• Not to support more than 2 Non-medical prescribing students undertaking a prescribing programme at any UK university at the same time.

To allow the student to be sufficiently supported in practice, the Designated Prescribing Practitioner is required to be within a 30-mile radius from the student. 

Community Pharmacists: Designated prescribing practitioners for community pharmacists must work either in primary or secondary care. This is to enable community pharmacists to gain the breadth and depth of experience to develop assessment and diagnostic skills relevant to their scope of intended prescribing practice.


Prerequisites and Admissions Process

Admission to the NMP Programme is achieved through a comprehensive process, that meets all GPhC, HCPC or NMC standards as applicable.  As part of this process, applicants are required to complete an online application and to submit an additional Supporting Admissions Form (SAF) (Downloaded from section - 'Non-Medical Prescribing' within application) that provides the team with the evidence that applicants have: 

• met the essential entry criteria for the programme required by their regulatory body (GPhC, HCPC or NMC) outlined below

• identified an intended scope of prescribing practice

• the appropriate and required support available to enable them, to successfully develop as safe and appropriate prescribers within their intended scope of prescribing practice.

The SAF needs to be downloaded and completed and signed with handwritten signatures. Your application will be rejected without a fully completed SAF.

The following documents are critical to your application:

  • Supporting Admissions Form (SAF) signed with handwritten signatures (please clearly name the uploaded document)
  • Copy of your passport (please clearly name the uploaded document)
  • Copies of your professional qualification(s) (please clearly name the uploaded document(s)
  • Current Enhanced DBS (dated within the last 3 years) 

Applications will not be progressed until applicants have completed their online application and submitted their fully completed and signed SAF.  

Please ensure that the correct sections have been completed and signed with handwritten signatures.


If you are a Pharmacist, complete these sections

If you are a Nurse, complete these sections 

If you are a AHP, complete these sections

Section 1 (page 1) 

Section 1 (page 1)


Section 1 (page 1)

Section 2a (pages 2 to 5)


Section 2a (pages 2 to 5)


Section 2a (pages 2 to 5)



Section 2b (page 6)


 Section 3 (pages 7 & 8) 

Section 3 (pages 7 & 8) 

Section 3 (pages 7 & 8) 

Section 4 if Reference is required (page 9) 

Section 4 if Reference is required (page 9)


Section 4 if Reference is required (page 9) 

Criteria for Entry to the NMP Programme for Allied Health Professionals

1. Registration with the HCPC in one of the relevant allied health professions.

2. Professionally practising in an environment where there is an identified need for the individual to regularly use independent /supplementary prescribing (physiotherapists, podiatrists, and therapeutic radiographers only) or supplementary prescribing (diagnostic radiographers and dietitians). 

3. Ability to demonstrate support from their employer/sponsor including confirmation that the entrant will have appropriate supervised practice in the clinical area in which they are expected to prescribe. 

4. Ability to demonstrate medicines and clinical governance arrangements are in place to support safe and effective supplementary and / or independent prescribing. 

5. Practice Educators must be a qualified prescriber, on the register of their statutory regulator with annotation(s) for prescribing where applicable and with the relevant skills, knowledge, and experience to support safe and effective learning. Practice Educators for Supplementary prescribing students (dietitians and diagnostic radiographers) must be a Doctor.

Criteria for Entry to the NMP Programme for Nurses & Midwives

1. Current registration as a first level nurse, midwife and/or specialist community public health nurse with the Nursing and Midwifery Council. The applicant’s registration status must not be subject to any cautions or interim suspension orders.

2. A minimum of one years’ experience (or equivalent in part time employment) as a practising nurse/midwife/specialist community public health nurse 

3. Evidence of the ability to study at the academic level of the module to be studied i.e. level 7, (postgraduate level) 

4. Evidence of current DBS clearance (enhanced disclosure) i.e., obtained within the last three years

5. Applicants must also provide:

• Written confirmation of support to undertake the prescribing programme from their employer, including NHS and non-NHS employers. The support available must include time to attend scheduled study days at the University, access to appropriate learning opportunities in practice and protected time to engage in practice development activities with an identified practice supervisor and practice assessor.

• Written confirmation from their employer that the applicant can demonstrate safe and effective practice within their intended field of prescribing practice in relation to:

• Clinical/health assessment

• Diagnostics/care management

• Planning and evaluation of care

• If the applicant is self-employed a comprehensive professional reference must be provided which details the applicant’s level of proficiency in practice. A separate statement must be provided by the applicant confirming the arrangements made for practice supervision and assessment.

• Written confirmation from the practice supervisor and assessor, providing evidence that they meet the required eligibility criteria and that they agree to collaborate to provide the required term of supervised practice and its assessment.

Criteria for Entry to the NMP Programme for Pharmacists

1. Current registration as a pharmacist with the General Pharmaceutical Council (GPhC) or, in Northern Ireland, with the Pharmaceutical Society of Northern Ireland (PSNI). 

2. Demonstration of good standing with the GPhC and/or PSNI and any other healthcare regulator with which they are registered. 

3. Applicants must have relevant experience in a UK pharmacy setting and be able to recognise, understand and articulate the skills and attributes required by a prescriber. This experience and awareness will act as the basis of their prescribing practice whilst training. 

4. For the purposes of developing their independent prescribing practice, applicants must identify an area of clinical or therapeutic practice on which to base their learning. 

5. A Designated Prescribing Practitioner (DPP) who has agreed to supervise their learning in practice. The DPP must:

• be a registered healthcare professional in Great Britain or Northern Ireland with legal independent prescribing rights who has been prescribing regularly for a minimum period of three years.

• be suitably experienced and qualified to carry out this supervisory role as defined in Royal Pharmaceutical Society (2021) A Competency Framework for Designated Prescribing Practitioners and have demonstrated CPD or revalidation relevant to this role.

6. Evidence of current DBS clearance (enhanced disclosure) i.e., obtained within the last three years.

Additional Entry Criteria Information Required for Nurses and Pharmacists working exclusively in Aesthetic Practice

We accept applicants onto the Programme who are Registered Nurses or Pharmacists working exclusively within the field of aesthetics providing that they meet the appropriate criteria above and can also demonstrate:

1. active and compliant membership of a Professional Standards Register (related to cosmetic/aesthetic medicine) or practice from a private healthcare environment that is regulated by the CQC

2. applicants are working full time within the field of aesthetic medicine for least 2 years (or part time equivalent)

3. applicants have completed an accredited level 7 Post Graduate Certificate in cosmetic and/or aesthetic medicine


Blended with the opportunity for online, hybrid and or/on campus learning and assessment at one of our Hatfield campuses as detailed above.

Learning Outcomes

• To prescribe safely, appropriately and cost effectively and to prescribe medications within your field of competence.

• On successful completion you will be awarded a Practice Certificate and be recommended to the relevant Professional Board as an independent or supplementary prescriber.

 Additional expenses 






Estimated cost

Access to a laptop or PC type device that can be used to access online sessions, learning resources and complete assessments using software inclusive of the free version of Microsoft Office 365 provided by UH.




Access to a camera and headset that can be used during online sessions and assessments. 




Access to adequate broadband, Wi-Fi, 3G and/or 4G that facilitates attendance at online sessions, engagement with learning resources and assessments




Printing and scanning of a number of pages from the Practice Portfolio that require wet signatures as per regulatory body requirements.




Students are encouraged to consider purchasing the core textbooks associated with this Programme (,+3rd+Edition-p-9781119520474).  A free e-version of the textbooks if preferred are also available from our Online Library.




Students may face additional travelling costs associated with travelling to differing areas to complete the required clinical practice hours.





Pharmacist Prescribing Students who will be attending the on-campus physical skills training days will be required to source or alternatively purchase a suitable stethoscope (3m Littman or equivalent recommended) to be used to support the development of physical assessment skills.




Variable (£80)