Wai Shan Cheng (Shanice)

BA (Hons) Marketing, 2003
Founder, Kiana Handcraft
Marketing Director, Panda Group, Hong Kong

Keystone to success

Shanice feels that gaining direct marketing experience after graduation has been key to both her inspiration as an entrepreneur, and her career achievements.

After graduation she worked as a Marketing Executive in the Neon Light Manufacturing Company, where she gained a wide range of experience in customer handling, product management and trade show knowledge.

Following this role she worked for a pay TV channel for eight years, dealing with channel promotion and marketing services.

Her degree at the University of Hertfordshire provided her with the cornerstone of the principles of marketing. She felt the most useful element of the course was the experience of working with others to complete group projects, a skill she uses daily in her current business.


Shanice founded her company, Kiana Handcraft, in early 2015. She had begun making handmade hair bows and bow ties during her spare time. Deciding to roll out her products to a wider audience, she launched an online shop on Shopify, through which she markets and sells her products.

Shanice is involved in all aspects of running the company – including monitoring the website, sourcing fabric and materials, accounting, order enquiries and distribution.

In addition to running Kiana Handcraft in her spare time, Shanice joined Panda Group at the start of 2015 as a freelance copywriter. The company offers a full service Brand Design & Marketing Agency. Current clients include Citibank, Disneyland, HSBC, Nielsen, Morgan Stanley and Cathay Pacific.

Having proved herself indispensable, Shanice is now their permanent Marketing Director. The role includes seizing new business opportunities, producing cost-effective marketing strategies to clients, and providing detailed costings.

Future goals

'I have just started an exciting new collaboration with Kiana Handcraft and the Hong Kong Jockey Club for a crossover promotion with their Swarovski Brooch for Silver Purse Day. My long term goal is to get 5000 likes on Facebook and roll out Kiana Handcraft world-wide.'