Sin Yee Kiu

Meet Sin Yee Kiu who is a Managing Partner at Wong and Kiu, a boutique law firm specialising in real estate, litigation and corporate and commercial law in Malaysia.

Current job roleManager Partner
Year of graduation2012
Course of studyLLB (Hons) Law
Sin Yee Kiu

University life and experience

Sin Yee decided to study Law at the University of Hertfordshire due to the course content and syllabus the course offered. She says that the syllabus encouraged you to think critically and develop good judgement which has helped her, not only in her professional career but personal life as well.

‘Through critical thinking we acquire a means of assessing and upgrading our ability to judge well. It developed my thinking not just in my career but in life as well.’

Similarly, she preferred the weighting of assignments and examinations based on her own learning style. She says, ‘During my college time in Malaysia, I always preferred to do problem solving questions and assignments rather than essay questions.’ She says that this has helped her adopt a strategic approach to her work and has shaped her character indirectly.

While Sin Yee has taken her work abroad, she says that her degree from a British university has proved incredibly useful and should not deter students who want to practice in another country. She says, ‘The law between Malaysia and United Kingdom is very similar due to Malaysia being a commonwealth country. Therefore, it was not difficult when I studied Malaysian law.’

Future aspirations

In the future, she wishes to expand my current firm who  specialise in conveyancing real estate matter, litigation disputes and corporate commercial drafting. She says, ‘My plan is to operate more branches in Malaysia to provide our professional legal services. Meanwhile, we might be recruiting more lawyers to provide full legal service in the firm.’

My time studying Law at the University of Hertfordshire trained my mind to think critically and independently. These skills gave me the confidence to set up my own Law firm.