Madeline King

Meet Madeline King, whose psychology degree was ‘invaluable’ in helping her develop her career. She now works as a Cognitive Behavioural Therapist in the NHS.

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Current job role Cognitive Behavioural Therapist
Year of graduation2012
Course of studyBSc (Hons) Psychology
Madeline King smiles to camera in a black and white photo

University experience

Madeline wanted to go to a campus-based university. She loved the idea of having everything ‘right there on your doorstep’. She was impressed by the course content. The BSc (Hons) Psychology ‘offered everything I wanted from a course and had great lecturers’, she tells us. Madeline also wanted to study at Herts because of our proximity to London. She could benefit from close links to the city, without the London prices. Madeline enjoyed student life and the opportunities it gave her to meet like-minded people. She advises students to ‘always be true to yourself’. Madeline values the fantastic friendships she made at Herts.

Career progression

After graduating Madeline joined the Royal College of Psychiatrists, working on a quality network for mental health services. She describes this as ‘an excellent way to start to develop my understanding of how mental health services are run and service users’ perception on their treatment’. Wanting to work directly with patients, she later joined the NHS. Madeline progressed to the role of a psychological wellbeing practitioner in just over a year. While here she had the opportunity to complete two post graduate courses to become a qualified CBT therapist. She now works as a High Intensity CBT therapist. Madeline’s studies at Herts offered a valuable springboard into her chosen career. She continues to apply some of the knowledge she gained in her practice today.