Emily Bowers

Meet aspiring author Emily, whose brilliant student experience and career successes motivated her to give back to Herts and inspire the next generation of teachers.

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Current job roleTeacher
Year of graduation2015
Course of studyBEd (Hons) with QTS
Emily Bowers

Being an Alumni Ambassador

Emily had a brilliant student experience which has motivated her to give back and inspire the next generation of teachers. Over the past couple of years, Emily has volunteered to speak to current students about a career in teaching, been involved with mock assessment centers - which provide students with job interview practice, shared her advice, and been featured as an alumni case study!

Emily says, ‘I find giving back to Herts rewarding as Herts helped me so much to develop my professional career. It is great to help current students develop and learn what the working world is like. It is also brilliant that Herts provides the opportunity to volunteer to get involved with days like the assessment centre, I feel lucky to be on this journey together.’

A rewarding career in teaching

Emily is currently a primary school teacher in an independent school in Hertfordshire.

‘I am a Head of Year and Head of Maths and I have taught all different primary age ranges and tried to gain as much experience as I can. I have also recently completed my NPQML qualification, and I would love to convert this into a Masters to be able to qualify as a university lecturer or teaching mentor, to help other education students along the way with this exciting and rewarding career.

‘I have travelled to many places in the world alongside pursuing my teaching career. I have been lucky enough to go to Australia, Singapore, Dubai, and the Maldives along with other trips along the way. These places have inspired me to understand different ways of life and cultures and I love to see all the sights of somewhere new. My travels have also inspired me to write a fun, high-quality book for children, to be enjoyed at home and in school. Writing a children’s book is something I have always aspired to do and it’s so exciting that it is being published in the British Library.’

Life at Herts

Emily studied Primary Education with QTS (qualified teacher status). She says, ‘It was the ideal course as it was delivered over three years and provided me with the QTS to help get into the working world more quickly. The course set me up so well to teach primary education and gave me a mixture of theory and practical experience, with excellent placements. This allowed me to gain a good base knowledge of teaching. Obviously, as you teach, you gain so much knowledge, but Herts helped me to get where I am now.

'My favourite things about the course were being able to go out to different places and also the variety of placements.’

Outside of the classroom, Emily made the most of the sports facilities at Herts. She says, ‘I think my student experience helped make me become a more well-rounded person, not just to achieve academically, but socially too. I enjoyed all the opportunities provided on campus to meet new people and develop skills for life.

‘One of my favourite memories of uni life was being part of the badminton team. I am still friends with former teammates, and I have continued to play competitive badminton. One of the reasons I decided to come to Herts is because of the amazing sports facilities. I was also club chairperson, which gave me new skills and is a great addition to my CV.’

Advice for other students and new graduates

‘Enjoy every minute of university, it goes so quickly! Go out, see friends as much as possible, and don’t ever moan about a 9am lecture!

‘I would also encourage other graduates to stay connected and get involved with volunteering at Herts to help the next generation of alumni and to add skills to your own CV.’