New Herts spin-out company OSIRT Ltd. is transforming digital investigation to tackle rising cyber-crime

 1 January 2023 23 November 2023
23 November 2023

A new University of Hertfordshire spin-out's innovative software could redefine how digital investigations into cyber-crime are carried out by law enforcement and cybersecurity professionals going forwards.

In an era when our digital footprints are continuously expanding, and cyber-crime is evolving at a rapid pace, OSIRT Ltd has specialised in developing cutting-edge software solutions for some of today’s biggest cyber-crime challenges.

Founded by Dr Joseph Williams - Associate Professor in Enterprise and Entrepreneurship at Herts, researcher in the University’s Centre for Computer Science and Informatics Research, and expert in software engineering in a cybersecurity context - OSIRT Ltd.’s software offers a comprehensive and unique suite of robust digital tools that employ bespoke algorithms and intuitive user interfaces.

Based on ground-breaking research by Dr Williams and his team at Herts, the software has been designed to meet the modern-day challenges faced by digital investigators, with its tools able to take into account the diverse backgrounds and roles of their users. The software then enables professionals of all skill levels to obtain digital evidence crucial to tackling cyber-crime and fraud, streamlining the investigative process and ensuring accurate and timely results.

Since OSIRT’s release, the software has been tested and trained by the UK College of Policing, has been used across the world in many law enforcement and digital investigator environments, and its outputs have been utilised as legal evidence.

“The digital realm is expanding, and with it, the challenges for digital investigators,” explains Dr Williams. “We're excited to introduce OSIRT Ltd. as a solution to these ever-evolving challenges. We have worked diligently to ensure that the software we provide is robust, innovative and meets the high standards of the investigative community.”

Dr Williams, who is also Chief Technology Officer (CTO) of OSIRT Ltd., was able to transform his research-informed software solution into a commercially viable venture with the support of the University’s Enterprise and Business Development team – which supports businesses of all shapes and sizes to achieve growth and success, including the commercialisation of research originated at Herts. The University’s support of spin-out companies and IP commercialisation achieved an estimated economic benefit of £70m in 2020-21, demonstrating the tangible benefits of research breakthroughs for the private sector.

Speaking about the University’s support of the company, Dr Williams added: “Herts has consistently proven its dedication to driving innovation and fostering an environment of excellence. Its unwavering commitment to enterprise and nurturing initiatives like OSIRT Ltd. is testament to the institution's forward-thinking approach.”

Dr Peter Gooden, Head of Innovation at the University, added: “We’re delighted to see Dr Williams’ work move to the next step as a commercial venture. OSIRT will provide real benefits to law enforcement and other investigators, and we’re excited see the impact that it can deliver within the online investigation sector.”

Visit the OSIRT Ltd. website to learn more about its services, or our For Business webpages for more information about our enterprise and business development support.


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