Data Protection - Online applications

The Data Protection Act 1998

UH maintains records relating to its students in both manual and computerised forms. These include correspondence with and relating to students, both current and potential; computerised records for applicants created from information supplied by applicants and/or UCAS and other agencies; and information on current students collected at initial registration or added as a result of subsequent processing. The information collected and held is necessary for the administration of UH's courses and examinations and the quality assurance processes that support them, and permits the University to make statistical returns as required by H.M.Government, the Higher Education Funding Council for England, and other statutory agencies. In completing the declaration on the Application Form students are deemed to consent to the collection, recording and use of this information in the ways described above, and set out in more detail within the University's Data Protection Act registration.

Important Note

The University of Hertfordshire (UH) undertakes to take all reasonable steps to provide educational services in the manner set out in the prospectus and in other documents. Should industrial action or other circumstances beyond the control of UH interfere with its ability to provide such services, UH undertakes to use all reasonable steps to minimize the resultant disruption to educational services. UH does not undertake any absolute obligation whatsoever to provide educational services in the manner specified in the prospectus or in any other document, nor does it undertake any other obligation in respect of the provision of educational services which is more onerous than the obligations set out herein. Should you become a student of UH, this notice shall be a term of any contract between you and UH. Any offer of a place made to you by UH is made on the basis that in accepting such an offer you signify your consent to the incorporation of this notice as a term of any such contract and that you agree to abide by the rules and regulations of the University of Hertfordshire.