Creative Arts online study

At the School of Creative Arts, you can take innovative courses with online options for study.

We currently offer two programmes via distance learning: MA Graphic Design and MA Illustration.

The online versions of these programmes are equivalent to those taught on campus, with the same modules and assessment criteria, but with delivery methods adapted to suit remote learning. Modules are spread across two full years of study part-time, broken down into three semesters per year.

Study at your own pace

Students who choose to study online often do so because their professional or family commitments make it difficult to attend a full-time course on campus. Many are mature students returning to study after establishing a career, but who would like to continue to work alongside their studies. Skype tutorials are arranged at times to suit each student, taking account of external commitments, and students are free to work at their own pace, making this an ideal option for those who may otherwise struggle to fit studying into an existing busy lifestyle.

How studying online works

The distance learning MAs are delivered entirely online, with no requirement to attend classes on campus. Learning materials include video lectures and presentations, which can be viewed at any time via our virtual learning environment, Studynet. Studynet allows for live discussions, forums, student galleries, blogs, podcasts, videocasts and more, so it’s a brilliant resource for learning, developing ideas and receiving feedback. Modules are assessed through coursework, which is usually submitted online via Studynet.

Tutors are experienced in online delivery, and guide students through their MA journey with one-to-one assignment support. Students have direct contact with their tutors via email and Skype, and share work with their peers in online galleries.

Our online options are the perfect mix of guided and independent learning; students can choose their hours and pace, but access the support they need from expert tutors, as well as a fantastic range of facilities and materials at our Learning Resources Centre.

How will I be assessed?

Your course work will be assessed through a combination of formatively and summatively assessed projects. Students' projects may range from static images to video arts, but all project work is submitted online.

Course structure

The online MAs emphasize flexibility within a well designed modular structure. You are taken through the learning pathway step by step, whilst at the same time focussing on advanced level design practice.

You are free to study at your own convenience, but have the advantage of being able to access resources 24 hours a day.

A global network

You will take part in frequent one-to-one communication with a small team of professionally qualified tutors with years of experience on a wide range of projects, areas and jobs. This communication will be via email and live discussion, with peer-to-peer comment and critique also taking place on discussion forums and blogs. Our courses attract students from all over the world, so you may get the chance to work with students from different countries during your course, enabling you to form friendships, learn about design in a variety of cultures, and build global professional networks useful after graduation.

When can I start?

Start date: September

You can study part-time, over two years, based on a 12 month teaching year.

Apply now

For more information or to apply, please email Barbara Brownie.