Digital Skills Week

We are pleased to be holding Digital Skills Week once again in 2023, from 20-24 March.

Digital Skills Week is a University of Hertfordshire community event. It provides an opportunity for staff and students to learn together, and from one another.

The week gives everyone the opportunity to explore, develop and share digital skills, to excel in your course and career and thrive in the digital world.

The lively and engaging programme features students, staff and external guest experts. It is a fantastic opportunity for staff and students to share knowledge, skills and expertise.

Share your experience and expertise

Submit a proposal to provide a video, poster or workshop for the programme. The deadline to submit your idea is Tuesday 7 February.

We are particularly interested in proposals relating to:

  • Social media (excl LinkedIn).
  • Approaches to digital problem solving and trying new things.
  • Digital to support wellbeing or personal development.
  • Digital innovation in your sector/discipline and the potential impact on society.
  • Using digital simply but effectively for communication and collaboration.
  • Digital for finding, searching, evaluating and presenting information, data or media.
  • Fun and creativity with digital.

Revisit Digital Skills Week 2022 resources and watch recordings of the sessions.

At Herts we use the Jisc Six Elements of Digital Capability to discuss digital skills. Find out more by completing the Jisc Digital Discovery Tool.

Digital Skills Week is beneficial for the organisation, investing in staff and students. It provides a great opportunity for the personal development, learning digital skills that might be a great advantage in the job market and day-to-day life.

Joanna, undergraduate student.

We enjoyed presenting and participating in the sessions. Predominantly, we gained confidence in sharing our knowledge and experience of digital problem solving. Additionally, we learnt a lot of new skills such as video editing and using Adobe software.

Michael, undergraduate student.

As Researchers we are encouraged to be reflective, so using the Jisc Digital Discovery Tool is a good way to start, because it helps you to understand how you can develop your digital skills. I’d strongly encourage you to attend the sessions in Digital Skills Week.

 Nadine, postgraduate research student.

I enjoyed meeting staff and students at the University of Hertfordshire during Digital Skills Week. In the sessions we looked at building effective LinkedIn Learning profiles, and use LinkedIn Learning and tools within the LinkedIn Economic Graph to identify and pursue skills development for their chosen career path

 Kash Ahmed, Senior Customer Success Manager, LinkedIn

The range of topics that they cover is incredible, there is something that will suit everyone. The sessions were really welcoming and informal, so it allowed me to ask questions about things I perhaps did not understand. It has been beneficial for me overall and I have put various things into practice

Nina Walker, Learning and Teaching Specialist and Senior Lecturer Pharmacy programme.