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Philip WatersWelcome from the Friends Society chair, Philip Waters

When a number of us thought about the prospect of impending retirement a few years ago, our minds turned as to how we could keep in touch with who would soon become former colleagues. Furthermore, how might we keep up to date with news and information about the University, and how we might support the University in the future? There was no obvious route for those things to happen in existence hence, the idea of the Friends Society was born.

The Friends Society is open to former staff and governors and has been a great success with regular communications inviting colleagues to a number of events being circulated to the group. It is good to be able to keep in touch with former colleagues, attend University events as well as coffee mornings, tours of new facilities and enjoy reception events arranged specifically with the Friends Society in mind.

Please spread the word about the Society to other former colleagues you are in contact with and encourage them to take part and help build our growing University community.

I look forward to seeing you at the University again soon.

Jill Wakeling, Friends Society Committee member

After working at the university for over 25 years, the Friends Society has enabled me to keep in contact with former colleagues. It also gives me the opportunity to see what is going on within the University of Hertfordshire community.

Members receive invitations to attend events such as coffee mornings, lectures and campus tours. All of these have proved to be very popular with the Friends.

Other benefits include access to beneficial rates at the Hertfordshire Sports Village and joining in with Staff Society events. Being a member of the Friends Society is a very positive experience.