TRPA1 antagonism alleviates diabetic neuropathic pain

Up to 75% of diabetic patients experience gastrointestinal complications that, although not life-threatening, cause considerable distress and are often difficult to treat.

We have shown that the glucose metabolite biomarker methylglyoxal causes colonic dysfunction in type 1 diabetes by activating a TRPA1 protein. Working with researchers at Transpharmation Ltd, we have established that blocking the TRPA1 protein also alleviates neuropathic pain in our type 1 diabetes model in rats.

Blocking this protein is not effective in other neuropathic pain conditions, but seems to be critical in diabetes. This research has provided effective doses and exposures of this novel drug for regulatory submission, guiding dose selection for ongoing clinical trials in diabetic patients with neuropathic pain.

Publication:  Contribution of TRPA1 agonist actions of methylglyoxal to colon motility dysfunction in diabetes. Poster communication, London at the Annual BPS meeting (December 2014) pA2 online 12(3) 080P.