Media Research Group (Humanities)

Research theme/s:

The Humanities Media Research Group brings together researchers within the School of Humanities that work in the areas of film, television, media, journalism and cultural studies. Its focus is on exploring film and television, as well as other forms of media in relation to its cultural environment. In close relation to other Humanities subjects, research in the Humanities Media Research Group explores the media texts, histories and conceptual frameworks that inform our understanding of the content, aesthetics and context of modern media more generally and film and television in particular.

Many research projects explore current trends and developments within the media landscape, such as gender issues in Horror film and the rise of spectacular cinema and television. Researchers in the group also explore specific national cinemas, for example Spanish and Latin American cinema as well as transnational media and post-colonial theories.

Our research ethos is tolerant and pluralistic, reflecting the fact that our areas of strength are diverse and wide ranging, not limited to one specific area. Apart from more traditional forms of research and the publication of monographs, researchers within the group have also started to integrate innovative methodologies, such as the use of video essays, into their research.

Humanities media research is carried out beyond the borders of the subject with a range of interdisciplinary collaborations, with a strong focus on cultural, aesthetic and socio-political aspects of media research. You can find out more on ongoing research in the Projects section.

Recent projects

Game of Thrones Conference (September 2017)

Screening the Virtues Workshop (March 2017)

Bodies in Transformation: An Interdisciplinary Symposium on Fictional Representations of the Body on Screen (May 2016)

Research students

We deliver an exciting series of talks and screenings throughout the year and postgraduate students in our department also profit from interdisciplinary postgraduate research events in the School of Humanities, creating a vibrant and supportive research environment.

We welcome applications from potential research students in the following areas.

Research areas and areas of supervision:

  • Film, philosophy and religion
  • Film curation
  • Film, TV and Violence
  • Film and television aesthetics
  • Gender studies
  • Genre
  • Media and Culture
  • Performance
  • Postcolonial Studies and Broadcast Media
  • Serial television
  • Spanish and Latin American cinema
  • Transnational cinemas

Please contact research leader, Dr Sylvie Magerstädt, if you have research related enquiries or visit our Doctoral College for more information on research degrees.

Meet the team

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