IT/Intellectual Property Law

The IT/IP law research group is primarily focused on cutting-edge issues in information technology and law, as well as different aspects of intellectual property law.

Research in our group can also be categorised using the following main areas of IT and IP law: Digital Economy, Cybersecurity, Cybercrime, Surveillance and Data Protection, IP and Development, Digital IP, IP and History, Innovation, Alternatives and IP Reform.

Meet the team

  • Neal Geach – Tort and the Internet, Cybercrime and Illegal Content, Virtual Worlds, Data Protection and Privacy, Surveillance
  • Edina Harbinja – Digital Death, The Role of Data in the Economy, Digital IP, Disruptive Innovations and Economy, Cybercrime and Illegal Content
  • Dr Barbara Henry – Changing Language of IP, History of Science, History of IP
  • Maureen Johnson – Balancing of Individual Rights and National Security, Cybercrime and Illegal Content, Data Protection and Privacy, Surveillance
  • Thaddeus Manu – IP as a Development Tool, Technology Transfer for Sustainable Energy, Innovative Financing Models for Drug R and D, Medicines as Global Public Goods, The Role of Intellectual Property to Maintain Global Energy Security Referencing the UN 2030 “Energy for All” Objective
  • Dr Nadia Naim – International Intellectual Property Development, Impact of TRIPS Plus on Developing States, TTIP, Corporate Sovereignty, Investor to State Dispute Mechanisms
  • Henry Pearce – The Role of Data in the Economy, Online Intermediaries, Cloud Computing, Privacy and Data Protection
  • Kevin Rogers – Privacy and Data Protection, Online Intermediaries, Cybercrime and Illegal Content, The Role of Data in the Economy
  • Dr Felipe Romero-Moreno – Online Piracy, Human Rights on the Internet, Due Process, Privacy, Freedom of Expression, ECHR