Criminal Justice and Criminology

The Criminal Justice and Criminology research group is primarily focused on Gender and Crime Critical Criminology, Bioethics and Crime, Criminal Evidence, Human Rights, Hate Crime, State Crime, Culture of Fear, Penal Welfarism, Alternatives to Incarceration, Political Theory.

Our group is focused on the study and research in the areas of Traditional knowledge, bioethics, gender studies, honour based violence, honour killings, honour based violence against LGBTIs, honour killings in Turkey, human rights, state crime, organised crime, torture, incarceration in the UK, prison studies in the EU, culture of fear, penal reforms, restorative justice, community remedies, probation, EU arrest warrant, European Criminal Justice, victimology, penology, political theory, political violence and terrorism, criminal evidence, youth crime, human trafficking, drug trafficking, youth crime, policing, human rights, freedom of expression, policing, cybercrime, organised crime and terrorism.

Meet the team

StaffProfessional titlesResearch areas
Anna TippettDr
Senior Lecturer
Body politics, deviancy, feminism, gender, sexualisation, sexuality
Barbara HenryDr
Principle Lecturer
Associate dean (academic quality assurance)
Associate dean (research)
Criminal law, legal history in the context of criminal justice and criminology, public law and intellectual property law from a criminology perspective
Chamu KuppuswamyDr
Senior Lecturer
Restorative justice, criminal remedies for IP infringement
Emma HooperVisiting LecturerPsychology of criminal behaviour
Ferya Tas-CifciDr
Principal Lecturer
Honour based violence, gender and crime, victimology and victim rights
Helen ArnoldSenior LecturerImprisonment, penology, prison officers, the experience of prisoners
Honor TownshendVisiting LecturerImage and performance enhancing drugs, gender, drugs, netnography
Kofi AddoDr
War crime, state crime, psychology of criminal behaviour, terrorism, policing
Loren AliuVisiting LecturerSexual offences, feminism, social media and penal policy, jury trial, comparative criminal justice
Mateja VukDr
Offender rehabilitation and punishment, re-entry, public opinion, wellbeing and time utilisation of offenders in prisons, public opinion toward immigrant offenders
Matt TidmarshDr
Interdisciplinary studies of criminology, sociology, and social policy; probation and professionalism, especially on how managerialism and marketisation have impacted culture(s), identities, and practices within the probation service
Muki GorarDr
Senior Lecturer
Gender based violence, honour based violence, domestic violence and human rights
Nicola ColemanLecturerYouth crime and justice, the involvement of children and young person in youth justice research, children and young people’s lived experiences of criminal justice
Qi ChenDr
Senior Lecturer
Community penalties, penology, social media and penal policy, sexual offences and feminism, social control and governance, comparative criminal justice, Chinese studies, qualitative and quantitative methods
Sadie ButtonVisiting Lecturer
MSc, BSc, BA, HEA Fellow
Non-practising solicitor
Young people and policing, youth crime, youth justice and police
Sue BrownLecturer
MA, BA(Hons) in Criminology
Media and crime, senior women in the police, portrayal of women in the media / tv drama - particularly of senior women in the police, restorative Justice, domestic violence/honour based violence, terrorism History of crime/society attitudes - particularly towards women, the abolition of the death penalty then and now