Criminal Justice and Criminology

The Criminal Justice and Criminology research group is primarily focused on Gender and Crime Critical Criminology, Bioethics and Crime, Criminal Evidence, Human Rights, Hate Crime, State Crime, Culture of Fear, Penal Welfarism, Alternatives to Incarceration, Political Theory.

Our group is focused on the study and research in the areas of Traditional knowledge, bioethics, gender studies, honour based violence, honour killings, honour based violence against LGBTIs, honour killings in Turkey, human rights, state crime, organised crime, torture, incarceration in the UK, prison studies in the EU, culture of fear, penal reforms, restorative justice, community remedies, probation, EU arrest warrant, European Criminal Justice, victimology, penology, political theory, political violence and terrorism, criminal evidence, youth crime, human trafficking, drug trafficking, youth crime, policing, human rights, freedom of expression, policing, cybercrime, organised crime and terrorism.

Meet the team

  • Dr Kofi Addo – War crimes, criminology
  • Ms Claudia Carr – bioethics, assisted suicide, cybercrime
  • Dr Qi Chen – community sentencing measures, Chinese studies, state governance, transitional society, social control
  • Dr Melanie Collard – critical criminology, human rights and political theory, hate crime, torture
  • Ms Muki Gorar – honour based violence
  • Ms Maureen Johnson – inchoate criminal offence, culture of fear, penal welfarism
  • Dr Chamu Kuppuswamy – restorative justice
  • Dr Ferya Tas-Cifci – gender studies, honour based violence, honour killings, LGBTIs, Turkey
  • Dr Anna Tippett - deviancy, feminism, gender, sexualisation, sexuality