Company and Commercial Law

The Company and Commercial Law research group is primarily focused on aspects of company law, corporate governance, commercial law and employment law.

Our researchers are looking at cutting-edge issues company and commercial law, as well as different aspects of employment law.

Our research is highly multi-disciplinary in nature. It includes director’s duties, shareholder remedies, corporate governance, corporate social responsibility, director’s remuneration, e-commerce, online marketing, online behavioural advertising, sale of goods, quasi non-possessory securities, insolvency law, precarious contracts and employee status.

Meet the team

  • Janet Barlow – precarious contracts, employee status, shared parental leave.
  • Penny Carey – quasi non possessory securities, securities, sale of goods, business intermediaries and insolvency law.
  • Dr Ernestine Gheyoh Ndzi – company law, governance and employment law, directors’ remuneration, director’s remuneration and shareholder remedies, corporate social responsibilities, precarious contracts and director’s duties, shared parental leave.