The Scope of Radiographic Practice 2008 study explored the range of clinical skills currently being applied by radiographers. This has key implications for the workforce efficiency of the NHS, as radiographers steadily take on more extended roles.

Other studies have examined the clinical work being undertaken by consultant radiographers and assistant practitioners. Staff have been involved in collaborative research with outside agencies such as the Institute for Employment Studies and partners in local NHS hospital trusts.

Impact of education on clinical practice and workforce development

Studies of innovative ways of implementing blended and e-learning have formed a key part of our radiography research. Staff have presented at many key international e-learning conferences.

In addition, studies such as Scope of Radiographic Practice 2008 explored the current educational attainment and research activities of radiographers in relation to clinical practice. Research has been undertaken into variations in training for radiographers’ extended roles across the UK.

A current funded study is exploring relationships between the attainment of postgraduate qualifications and career progression in radiography and other allied health professions.