Paramedic Science research

Research is an integral part of contemporary paramedic practice. At the University of Hertfordshire we have a commitment to research activity by contributing to the evidence base which underpins paramedic practice and education and providing our students with an environment that encourages them to engage with research and how it is translated into practice.

Our paramedic science research falls into four broad themes:

  • Maintaining well-being in health and disease
  • Application of skills in practice
  • Impact of education on clinical practice and workforce development
  • Professional roles and development

Postgraduate paramedic research

We currently support a number of students undertaking research at both MSc and doctoral level. This is an expanding area within paramedic science and we are keen to grow our post graduate student activity.

Current students study either full-time or part-time on either MSc programmes, PhD programmes, or professional doctorate programmes either in education or health research.

If you are interested in learning more about the research that we are involved with and/or have any queries related to undertaking research within paramedic practice at our University, please contact Professor Julia Williams, Paramedic Science Research Lead.

Staff in paramedic research