Immediate serial recall Hebb effects word learning MP

Led by Michael Page, this research is directed towards developing and applying our Primacy model (Page & Norris, 1998; 2009) of immediate serial recall and of serial learning, such as that seen in the Hebb effect (Hebb, 1961) and in word-form learning.

This involves a good deal of experimental and theoretical work, that is conducted in association with our colleagues: Prof Arnaud Szmalec (UCLouvain), Prof Wouter Duyck and Dr Eleonore Smalle (Uni Gent), and Dr Louisa Bogaerts (Hebrew Uni, Jerusalem). As well as developing our computational model of basic serial-recall abilities, our research examines the relationship between immediate serial recall and a variety of real-world abilities and phenomena, including word-learning, word-recognition from continuous speech, reading and reading problems, and speech production.