Immediate serial recall Hebb effects word learning MP

Led by Michael Page, this research is directed towards developing and applying our Primacy model (Page & Norris, 1998; 2009) of immediate serial recall and of serial learning. There is a particular emphasis on the serial learning seen in three areas: in the Hebb effect (Hebb, 1961); in so-called “statistical learning” experiments; and in the learning of phonological wordforms.

Our work is both experimental and theoretical, and it is conducted in association with our colleagues: Prof Dennis Norris (Uni Cambridge), Prof Arnaud Szmalec (UCLouvain), Prof Wouter Duyck and Dr Eleonore Smalle (both Uni Gent), and Dr Louisa Bogaerts (Hebrew Uni, Jerusalem). As well as developing our computational model of basic serial-recall abilities, our research examines the relationship between immediate serial recall and a variety of real-world abilities and phenomena, including word-learning, word-recognition from continuous speech, reading and reading problems, and speech production.