PhD opportunities in optical networks

Dr Pandelis Kourtessis, Dr Mohammed Jamro, Dr Milos Milosavljevic.

Areas of study

  • High speed communications for Passive Optical Networks
  • Next Generation Passive Optical Networks (NGPONs)
  • Next Generation Access Networks (NGANs)
  • Long-Reach Passive Optical networks for Metropolitan network consolidation
  • Optical Wireless networks convergence
  • Optical network architectures and protocols design for wireless backhauling
  • Medium Access Control (MAC) protocols and algorithms for NGPONs
  • System Level design for centralised Optical Wireless networks
  • MAC Protocol designs for optimisation of Optical and Wireless network convergence
  • Optical Networks including millimetre wave Fibre Wireless (FiWi) and software defined system-on-chip embedded platforms employing fast FPGAs.