Networks and security

The Internet has become a vital source of various security threats, malicious activities, misleading information and unintelligible communications. Therefore, effective security solutions that are capable of responding to such evolving threats became a necessity.

As part of our interdisciplinary research and publications, we focus on exploring the recent developments in security protocols and analysing and detecting current network violations and threats such as recent malware and distributed denial of service (DDoS) attacks. This includes reviewing recent security violations and exploring current techniques and processes. We also focus on how network forensics is provided by various methods and techniques.

Such issues are crucial to ensure that electronic evidence-handling and gathering techniques and procedures comply with good practice and international standards. We investigate the recent development in this field to contribute to this area of research by developing various solution models using intelligent machine learning/statistical techniques.  The Networks and Security group operates under the umbrella of the Algorithms research group which is led by Prof. Bruce Christianson and Prof. Alex Shafarenko. We organise a monthly seminar series, focusing on topics that are of interest to the group members.

The main activities of this group include but are not limited to the following:

  • arranging monthly seminars/presentations that cover recently published papers, news articles, industrial developments, technical reports etc in the area of networking in general, and security and forensics in particular
  • contributing to the current school’s research and to the networking and security community
  • exploring current/recent activities in the area and provide information to related research, publishers, conferences, news websites, and worldwide competitions that are open to students
  • linking the group research activities to our teaching to provide extra support to our research and MSc students who are studying for networking and security related programmes