Fellowship applications

Externally funded Fellowships

If you are interested in holding an externally-funded personal fellowship based in CAR, we will be pleased to hear from you. Either contact a CAR member of staff working in a research field related to your own, or contact Prof. Kristen Coppin, the Centre Director, to discuss options. More details (including any internal deadlines) for the most popular individual fellowships are given below.

Royal Astronomical Society Research Fellowship

Applications for this RAS Research Fellowship scheme will be sought every three years, in 2021, 2024 and 2027. The purpose of these fellowships is to enable outstanding candidates to pursue research in the UK in the disciplines advanced by the RAS ie astronomy, solar system science, geophysics and closely related branches of these sciences.   The Normal Lockyer Fellowship is similar to the RAS fellowship and applications will be next sought in 2022, 2025, and 2028.

If you wish to apply in 2021 please contact the Director of CAR who can provide you with more information and our internal guidance, and send along your CV, publications list and 1 page summary of your proposed research by 17 September 2021. By the same deadline, please also identify an academic contact in CAR who will support your application and will be able to provide you feedback on your proposal prior to submission to the funder by the expected deadline (TBC) of 15 October 2021 (Director of CAR will be happy to advise if you're unsure).

Royal Society Dorothy Hodgkin Fellowship

We particularly welcome applications for the Dorothy Hodgkin Fellowship. Applicants "must be able to demonstrate a current need for flexible support due to personal circumstances at the time of application. This can include current parenting or caring responsibilities (such as raising children or looking after ageing or seriously ill family members), clinically diagnosed health issues or other personal circumstances that create a need for a flexible working pattern". Please contact us by 8 September 2021 (the call opening date) to discuss applications for these fellowships. The deadline for this fellowship is 10 November 2021.

Daphne Jackson Trust Fellowship

These fellowships are aimed at scientists "who have had a career break of 2 or more years for family, caring or health reasons and wish to return to research". You do not have to be trained in astronomy; we can offer re-training for people with a background in another area of physical science. You can apply for a Daphne Jackson fellowship at any time. With STFC support, these fellowships usually provide two years of part-time work and one year of full-time support. Please contact us if interested.

STFC Ernest Rutherford Fellowship

A quota for applications for each UK university is applied by STFC. If you wish to apply to hold one of these hosted at the University of Hertfordshire starting in 2022, please see the Ernest Rutherford fellowship information on the UKRI website for more information on the scheme and the application process. We will select the applicants to support by an internal evaluation process -- to be considered you should identify a contact person at the University of Hertfordshire (the Director of CAR will be happy to advise) and work with them to prepare draft application materials (in particular the science case for support, but also the CV and publication list required by STFC) by our internal deadline of 2 August 2021. The closing date for applications to STFC is 16 September 2021.

Royal Society University Research Fellowship (URF)

Full details of all The Royal Society fellowship schemes can be found on their website; the URF is aimed at outstanding early-career researchers who are ready to lead their own independent research programme, with between 3 and 8 years' postdoctoral experience (career breaks are taken into consideration).  Please express interest in applying for this scheme by 2 August 2021 (at the latest) for the 2022 intake by contacting the Director of CAR, as you will need support from the University of Hertfordshire for costing up and submitting your application by the published deadline of 7 September 2021.  No quota is applied by the Royal Society.

UKRI Future Leaders Fellowships

Future Leaders Fellowships has regular calls for applicants and provides enough funding for postdoctoral support. Please contact us well in advance of the deadline as there is a university-wide approvals procedure before we can put you forward.

Leverhulme Trust Early Career Fellowships

Early Career Fellowships aimed at researchers 4 years or less from their PhD, require the University to provide half the fellow's salary. It is therefore very important that you contact us early to see whether the necessary funds can be found.

Leverhulme Trust Research Fellowships

Visit the Leverhulme Trust for full details of the research fellowship.