Atmospheric Processes, Air Quality and Climate (APAC)

Research programme Leader: Professor Ranjeet S Sokhi

APAC researchers are involved in improving our understanding about the role of atmospheric processes that influences air quality and its interactions with climate. By using sophisticated high resolution modelling approaches, we are investigating how weather patterns and meteorology on urban to regional scales will change in the future including how extremes such as heat waves, droughts and precipitation will be affected in a changed climate. Through a combination of observational and state-of-the-art models, we are investigating boundary layer processes and air quality in complex terrain, cities as well as on continental scales. The impact of air pollution and climate on human health, food and water security is crucial to address one of the greatest environmental risks and as a consequence our research has direct relevance for society and policy and decision makers.

Our key research sub-programmes are:

  • Boundary Layer processes (Dr Charles Chemel)
  • Prediction and forecasting of meteorology and air quality (Professor Ranjeet S Sokhi)
  • Observational analysis of atmospheric composition
  • Applications and impacts (Professor Ranjeet S Sokhi)