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Dr Silvio Carta

“We can work together with AI to design better and safer spaces, places and cities.”

Dr Silvio Carta is a trained architect, and Head of Art and Design at the University of Hertfordshire. His research focuses on the application of technology and computational design to improve the physical environment to encourage positive societal change.​

He applies AI, automation and intelligent systems technology to the design of both interior and urban spaces. A recent care home project using AI and automation has focused on detecting and minimising airborne transmission of pathogens - of particular relevance in the COVID-19 pandemic.​

Silvio’s work using AI to measure the resilience of communities and to visualise their path to net-zero has contributed to a compelling vision for the future; smart cities that are financially and environmentally resilient by design, helping people respond to crises and live comfortable, happy and sustainable lives.​

Silvio is also engaged in projects focused on eliminating bias from automated decision making to ensure social justice for all, and to close the digital divide.​

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