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Technology Enhanced Learning

The effective use of technology in learning, teaching, and assessment, is commonly referred to as Technology Enhanced Learning or TEL for short.  At UH we have a strong tradition of using technology in the design of effective and engaging learning experiences and believe that TEL plays a significant role in supporting our students along their path to success.

Whilst we encourage the exploration of TEL, we are also mindful of the challenges it presents. Educators must ensure that their choices are appropriate, justified and inclusive. This considered approach is a key element of our Herts Learning Principle ‘Harnesses Technology’ and reminds us that pedagogy, inclusivity, and accessibility are determining factors that support engagement in learning.

At Herts, TEL is supported across the institution by teams of Learning Technologists, Digital Capabilities experts, TEL Champions, Technology Mentors and Applications Developers. Together we provide direct support to academic colleagues, be they technology novices wishing to develop a new skill, or technology trailblazers looking to collaborate on a TEL project.  Working in partnership means we can collectively inform decision making and steer the evolution of our future learning environment.

Centrally Supported Technologies

Student holding mobile phone during a lecture

StudyNet is the University’s web-based learning management system (LMS) built on the Canvas platform....

A student watching a video on his laptop

Panopto is our video hosting platform used to record, organise, and share video-based learning materials via StudyNet....

Groups of students engaging

Teams Meetings is the University's video conferencing platform used to deliver online synchronous lectures, seminars, tutorials and workshops....

A student watching a video on her laptop

Zoom is an alternative video conferencing platform to Teams Meetings. Unlike Teams, Zoom is integrated to with both StudyNet and Panopto....

A student operating mobile device

Mentimeter is an interactive presentation tool that allows for the creation of surveys and polls in order to gauge understanding or gain feedback....

Student reading a book

Talis Aspire is the reading list management application used by academic staff to directly embed digital course materials into their Canvas modules....

For information and guidance on digital assessment technologies, please see our page on Digital Assessment.