Clearing and results day accommodation guarantee

We want to ensure that every first year student has the opportunity to live in our amazing student accommodation therefore we guarantee a place in halls for our applicants.

Clearing Guarantee

The University of Hertfordshire offers an Accommodation Guarantee for Clearing applicants who meet the following criteria (subject to personal needs):

Applicants must have:

  • Been offered a place on a course or an interview by 25 August
  • Referred themselves via UCAS Track by 26 August
  • Made an accommodation application by 30 August

Our accommodation guarantee relates solely to the standard accommodation that we have available on our campuses. Where there is heavy demand for places in University accommodation, some students may be allocated temporary accommodation until a permanent allocation is available, this may include an emergency room off campus. We cannot guarantee that such accommodation will meet special or exceptional needs, and you should contact us separately if you have any particular requirements, needs or concerns. While we will do all we reasonably can to meet any special needs, we cannot guarantee that we will have accommodation appropriate to those needs available as part of this offer. If you wish to discuss this further, please contact us via