Shafali - My typical day

January 1 2020
Bayfordbury planetarium

My typical day

I begin a typical day by commuting in from London using the UNO buses; a bus service provided by the University. With UNO buses you can get discounted UH (University of Hertfordshire) student tickets with an accompanying student ID. They offer single, daily, weekly, monthly, termly or yearly tickets.

Once at the university there is the Forum which houses the student shop (the university’s convenience store), subway, EleHouse (the student pub) and other places to grab a bite to eat which is where I usually buy my lunch from or if it’s lunchtime I sit in and eat at the student forum restaurant, which serves hot food, with my friends.

I then have anywhere between one to four hours of lectures, tutorials and practicals (depending on how compact my timetable is), usually with at least a one-hour break in between. All lectures are an hour-long, and they can be in the form of single or double lectures with a small break in between the doubles. Lectures consist of listening to the lecturer and making notes, tutorials consist of going through a set of pre-set questions, which reflect the previous week’s taught material, that is expected to be completed and ready beforehand and finally, practicals are usually lab-based. Once the teaching day is done, I spend an hour or two going through notes, completing assignments.

After this I have the evening to hang out with friends such as at the on-campus common rooms where they have pool tables and table tennis or I head home, again using the UNO buses.

And that’s a typical day as an Astrophysics student. :)