Rosie - Why I love Nutrition

January 1 2020
Food group diagram

What I love most about my course 

I have just finished my final year of Nutrition (BSc) at the University of Hertfordshire and I had the best time. I loved the small and friendly classes; I knew everyone on my course. In turn, I knew the lecturers well and felt very supported through my studies at Herts. We also had a wide range of great facilities to use, including the new science laboratories, the diet lab, and the human physiology lab where we did sports and nutrition practicals. The course was also so varied and encompassed all the knowledge I needed for a graduate job. We studied behavioural sciences, contemporary topics in nutrition, public health, nutrition from preconception to old age to name a few, all with a firm understanding of human biochemistry assisted by an understanding of pharmacology and medicine in related to nutrition.

Studying Nutrition at Herts gave me the opportunity to undertake work experience as a mandatory component of the course. Without this, I would not have sourced out a nutrition internship with Lidl HQ in London over the summer, which has proved invaluable for my career prospects. The course is also supported by an active and growing Nutrition and Dietetic Society (NADS), which firstly allows eager students to take up positions of responsibility in running the society (great for the CV!) and provides events and talks from Nutritionists and Dieticians to students with a certificate of attendance (this is valuable for building your continual professional development- CPD- portfolio).

In summary, I loved studying Nutrition at Herts and would highly recommend it. I made the best friends through my course and enjoyed the modules and supportive network I had from lectures.