Rosie - Week at a glance

January 1 2020
Food group diagram

My week at a glance

I am in my final year of Nutrition, so contact time with university is less than in the first and second year as the focus is on independent learning. My typical week looks like attending university two to three days a week for lectures, consisting of about four to six hours a day, with the other days spent working from home on assessments and writing up notes. I always try and prepare for lectures by reading the recommended reading (journals, reports, and articles). Especially as in final year this is important because the lectures are based upon new material published in journals and critical analysis for my course (and extra reading supports this). I take my laptop to classes and use half the screen to read the PowerPoint and the other half to take notes on Word. I use Word as it is quick to make notes and take screenshots. After lectures I go home and make written notes of what I have learnt and some notes on the extra reading- this is worthwhile because when it comes to revision my notes are in my own words.

In between lectures I have lunch with my friends from my course in the canteen or Learning Resource Centre (LRC) café and grab coffees. This is nice as it is a nice support network and is some time to relax and have a laugh.

I try to go swimming twice a week and I use the Hertfordshire Sports Village pool which is great as it is a short walk from my private accommodation and the pool is open until 22:00. This allows me to finish work late but still be able to exercise and relax before bed.

I am chair of the Nutrition and Dietetic Society and so every week I manage the society and promote talks and events we have been producing to my colleagues.

I also have two part-time jobs, one as a Study Abroad Ambassador and another as a Student Ambassador and most weeks I have shifts. This allows me to support myself through University and I enjoy the flexibility of the work and promoting my course and university (which I enjoy as I chose Herts).

In my downtime, I enjoy watching films with my housemates and cooking meals. I also try to plan to meet up with old uni friends in London.