Rosemary - Why I chose Herts

January 1 2020
LD Nursing ambassador at event

Why I chose Herts

I have chosen learning disability nursing because I am passionate about helping people who have learning disabilities, to be their advocator their voice and their helper. I love to make a difference in their wellbeing so that they can live their lives as independent as possible. This nursing group has very few nurses and there are some shortages of learning disabilities nurses. I chose to be one of the learning disabilities nurses so that I can be part of the community of people who help people who have learning disabilities and their families.

I love the positive changes that I know learning disability nurses can bring about. It makes me so happy to see the faces of parents lighting up when they can actively access the community activities with their children. It is a rewarding profession to me as at the end of the day I can look back and see what I have done, like putting a smile in someone's face or held someone's hand and be lost in their world. I love to be part of my patients and their families to feel how they are feeling and to be able to assist in knowing the best way to do the job.

At the University of Hertfordshire, I am incredibly lucky as I have the best of everything. The resources are so plentiful, we have two Learning Resource Centres (LRCs) one on each campus and all the people who work in the LRC are all so helpful. All the tutors are so happy to help even those who are not your actual tutors. Our class is small and everyone professionally is like family. I really appreciate our personal tutor; she is an amazing lady. She makes us feel at home, making learning funny and interesting. The University of Hertfordshire is the best thing that has happened to me as I am stress-free since I started my educational journey here. There is all the help that one needs here, be it financial, wellbeing and academic all you need to do is to ask for it. I will not change it for the world I am loving here at the University of Hertfordshire.