Rosemary - Week at a glance

January 1 2020
LD Nursing ambassador at event

My typical day

As I am balancing university with raising a family, I always try to keep up a good routine. I normally get up every day at 05:45 and make myself some coffee to wake me up as I am not a morning person. Before another exciting day at university, I do a few house chores like taking out the meat from the freezer for supper and just taking note that all the ingredients are there if not, I will then make a list to pick those up on my way from university in the evening.

About 07:00 I am ready to embrace my beautiful day. It takes me about forty-five minutes to reach university compass. So, it is a long commute for me, but I do enjoy this ride every day. I usually start my lessons at about 09:00. Lunch is an important thing for most of us as students we need to keep healthy. There are several food shops/restaurants within the compass and their food is excellent and delicious, at times I try to bring my own home-cooked food too as it is a good way of keeping healthy as well as saving some few pounds per day. After lunch, if we do not have a lesson, I usually go to the library with my classmates to do some researches or just to study for the next lesson. University lessons usually end at about 17:00. In the evening I sometimes help my teenage son with his homework, prepare the family meal and after the meal, my elder daughter does the washing up. During the times that I do not cook I use my time to do my research and to prepare for the following day of university and relax a bit. I do watch tv as a relaxation time before I go to bed. I also use this time to call my family. I am usually in bed at about 23:00 the latest so that I can be up on time and to be well-rested too for another day. This seems like a hard day, but the rewards are priceless.