Noah - A day in the life on my psychology course

November 8 2022
Image of a male student sitting at a desk

Hi! My name is Noah and I’m a third year psychology student here at the University of Hertfordshire 👋

Today I’ll be sharing what a typical day looks like for me:

5:30–7:30am: For me, I am definitely an early bird. On days when I have an early morning lecture, I’ll wake up at about half-past five, and spend around forty minutes getting ready for the day. After that, I will start block scheduling a general plan of my day on my calendar.

7:30-8:00am: Just before I arrive at University, I like to quickly stop to grab myself coffee (gingerbread latte with oat milk, if anyone is curious) – caffeine is a must!

8:00-9:30am: Once I arrive at Uni, I head straight to one of the many individual study spaces at the Learning Resource Centre (LRC) to begin some work. The LRC is open 24/7 and hosts thousands of books for every subject that the University teaches. The LRC is such a warm and wonderful environment for studying, with both group and individual study rooms, a café (The Retreat) on the lower-ground floor, as well as comfortable sofa, booths and chairs, allowing you to study in any way that suits you.

I prefer being in almost complete silence, by myself, with little to no distractions, so I absolutely love the individual study spaces.

9:30-10:30am: After my time in the LRC, I have a meeting with my project supervisor. All final year psychology students have to complete a ‘psychology project’, more often known as a ‘dissertation’, and each student chooses a supervisor for their project, often based on previous work.

During my meeting, I'm advised to make a few adjustments to my ethics and risk assessment forms, so I make a quick note to do so on my phone.

11:00-1pm: Straight after my supervision meeting, I have to attend my only lecture for the day. With psychology, there is a lot of independent research that you need to do, so I don’t really have that many lectures that I need to attend. The lecture that I was attending today was on the topic of counselling.

1-3pm: Once the lecture is finished, I make my way back home and have a little bit of a rest. During this time, I also make sure to eat some lunch!

3-5pm: After my break, I jump straight back into work. I begin with making the adjustments to my ethic and risk assessment forms, as I was told to do during my meeting earlier. Once completed, I then start studying for my Counselling module exams.

Once I have completed that, I am absolutely shattered! So I pack everything up and start to relax and unwind.

Thank you for reading my ‘Day in the Life’! This is an example of a very busy day for me, so it is vital to note that not every single day is as hectic as this 😀