Malaika - A typical day

January 1 2020
Busy event

A typical day

My typical day usually starts with either an online lecture or seminar. In the seminars, we are encouraged to interact with the discussions, so I always try to produce questions to contribute. At the end of the seminar, it is often a good chance to get further help and guidance with assignments too. If I have a lecture, I usually have a pen and notebook to hand and go over the PowerPoint slides later in the day. My lectures are typically two hours longer compared to my seminars which are an hour long. I would usually study Japanese after my classes and take breaks in between to spend time with family and make something to eat. The time usually goes by so fast; I try to stay connected with my societies via zoom calls and do Zumba at home in the evenings. By doing this, I think I can get a good balance between my studies and look after my wellbeing.