Leah - Why I love criminology

January 1 2020
Classroom of students

What I love most about Criminology

If I am speaking honestly the course itself is what I love most. I have a large interest in criminology which is why I chose to study it. I love getting into debates during my seminars about race or whether the death penalty is good or not. The University of Hertfordshire certainly allows me to enjoy my course a lot more as they give us criminology students a lot of co-curricular opportunities to explore which helps narrow down what I like about criminology and criminal justice specifically. I did not know Herts offered so many opportunities for criminology students as they did before I joined; I am grateful for them. For example, an email about volunteering at a prison was sent out to the Law school which I jumped at. There was also a detective co-curricular activity which I was keen to attend. The spaces fill so quickly which shows that people really like these opportunities that are given to us.

There many more opportunities too but those are the ones that caught my eye and the ones I appreciated most. Looking back on my first year, there were nonstop opportunities given to us which I really loved. I recommend trying as many things as possible if it interests you, especially in your first year. If you end up not liking it, the upside is that you always end up meeting new people which is always fun.