Leah - Week at a glance

January 1 2020
Students walking through campus

My week at a glance

I cannot really describe my week at a glance since every week is so different and exciting. I go to seminars three times a week and have two days off not including the weekend. I say every week is different because the University of Hertfordshire is always doing some sort of event that I want to try out; BBQs on the opposite campus, society events or even the forum which is the club on the College Lane Campus.

However, I did make a habit out of going to the Learning Resource Centre (LRC) with friends every day to either catchup on work or do simple revision. Every Wednesday I went to my society event and sometimes on Thursday’s which is where I made some of my favourite memories. However, other than my weekly society events and going to the LRC every day, those are the only things that stayed consistent during my week. Even some of my seminars were unpredictable with some turning into debates about serious topics related to my course.