Jonathon - A typical day

January 1 2020
Male students in accommodation bedroom

My typical uni day

An average day when studying maths at Hertfordshire University consists mainly of commuting, lectures and study.

Going from the beginning of my day, lectures start at 09:00 on some days, which is a long struggle to get up and out by 07:30 but it gets done. I only like that time to beat the motorway traffic and get a good short walk in before lectures, great to clear the head and get ready to learn.

Other days they can be at 11:00, or if you're lucky 13:00. These are the lie in days or catch up on extra study before driving to university.

Once at university, lectures are typically 2 hours and we cover a lot of content, normally a whole section or chapter.

After the first lecture, depending on my timetable it's either a tutorial or a break. During my break, I either head to the Learning Resource Centre (LRC) or the PAM Ready Room and do some extra study or just relax a bit before the next lecture or tutorial.

An average day at University ends at 17:00 or 18:00 for me but my average day does just end there.

Depending on the day I have either society meeting and socials, scouts or sports that I attend on a regular basis so I'm always active whether in or out of University.

At the end of the day, there is nothing I enjoy more than either a bit of gaming with friends or a good nights sleep.