Iqra - Why I love Pharmacy

January 1 2020
Student in pharmacy

What I love about my course

Hello, I’m Iqra and here is why I love studying pharmacy.  

I love studying pharmacy, as I have always wanted to become a pharmacist and I find it interesting.  

The things I love are the modules and the information we learn. First-year is a build-up from A levels (I studied Biology, Chemistry and Maths) so the knowledge learnt in those years will help. We learn about how medicines work, what we can give to patients for different conditions such as heartburn, diarrhoea etc... and different drug interactions which is fascinating. The information that is taught is very interesting and it follows on and links to facts within other modules which makes it easier to understand.  

Furthermore, I also love studying pharmacy, as we carry out practical lessons in the labs which helps with engaging with other people within the course. Also, in semester B, you start dispensing which is awesome! You have your own dispensing coat, and you get to practise writing prescriptions and labels which is fun. In addition, during some dispensing classes, you spend time in the mock pharmacy which really helps with understanding how real-life pharmacies look and operate. The workshops are brilliant. I found them especially useful in the first year as they helped reinforce the knowledge I learnt during the lectures. Pharmacy is an intense, yet fun course to study. All the lecturers are extremely helpful and are always willing to help with anything you don’t understand which is useful.

At the end of semester B, or even before, if you haven’t already, I would definitely recommend working part-time in a pharmacy! I started working at the beginning of March. Working in a pharmacy has improved my knowledge of all the content learnt in the first year and helps with interacting with customers. Also, recommending a product for the minor ailments learnt during the pharmacist module has enhanced my understanding further.