Iqra - My typical day

January 1 2020
Student in pharmacy

My typical day

My day usually starts off at around 06:30, when I get up to pray. After praying, if I have a 09:00 I try to not go back to sleep as that usually makes me very lazy, so instead, I make breakfast and start to get ready for university. I live on de Havilland Campus, but I study on College Lane, so I usually catch the bus at 08:30, to make sure I have enough time to get to my lecture room, and in case anything happened on the bus, I would have enough time to walk.  

Majority of my lectures last two hours and I usually have at least three lectures a day (sometimes less, sometimes more). During the lectures, I tend to scribble down important information and sometimes lectures get recorded so you can go over anything covered. This helps me to understand what they are saying about each slide.

Depending on the time the lectures finish, and the time gap I have between the next one, I go to the library and start to write up my notes as I hate falling behind. Listening to the lecture takes time so I like to start as soon as possible so I can finish them quickly.  

Once all my lectures have finished (mostly around 17:00-18:00), I go back to my accommodation and relax for an hour, where I watch Netflix and catch up with my family and friends. After this, I usually have a shower and have dinner. If I know, I have an early start the next day, I try to get to go to sleep around 23:00 so ensure I get enough sleep, but I have a day off I sometimes stay up slightly longer.  

This is then repeated throughout the week