Haram - Week at a glance

January 1 2020
Experiment in lab

My week at a glance

The start of the week for me is late in the day since my first lecture is usually in the afternoon. This however, works out very well for me since it’s hard to quickly pick up my momentum after a weekend of meeting up and chilling out with friends. Therefore, Monday calls for a late breakfast with at least one of my flatmates in the kitchen that I share with seven other lovely girls. Then I walk to my lectures which are usually back to back three or four hours of different modules, so I get done early in the day. All lectures done, my friends and I go to the Learning Resource Centre (LRC) to do our week’s tutorial questions together or look over any doubts we might have left from last week. After a couple of hours we tend to walk down to the forum or one of the accommodation common rooms to play pool or table tennis.

Tuesday is usually my lab day, so I meet up with my designated partner and go over the experiment and the pre-lab questions before attending the lab session. These last three hours so I usually go back to my flat after to talk a nap before analysing the data and writing out the lab report.

Wednesdays are off-days for most of the students at Herts because this is the day most active student sessions are run. Therefore, Wednesday starts with me going to my favourite badminton session and usually ends with some progress towards my course work deadlines for the month.

Thursday and Fridays are usually just lecture and tutorial days with a couple of hours on each day spent in the LRC looking for resources to help with my course work and then playing pool/going to the forum to relax . At Herts, I have found that it is extremely easy to balance my university workload and my social life.