Ayooluwa - Things you should know

January 1 2020
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Things you need to know before studying Sport & Exercise Science


As someone who loves sport, I was excited to be studying this course. But I was in for a shock. Sport & Exercise Science, emphasis on the science part. Please don’t think this course is only about testing, training, sport, and exercise. When I tell people that I study this course they ask me ‘do you guys just run around.’ Erm no. There is a lot of science involved which is paired with sport and exercise. So please be prepared for that. The science part is interesting as it gives an insight into how an athlete’s body works and how to improve training etc. Sport Science is not an ‘easy’ course, you must work just as hard as if you were studying any other course.


There is essential reading for this course and recommended reading. Essential reading is given at the beginning of the course to aid your learning, it is information that you need to know for this course. Recommended reading is important for widening your course knowledge. Further reading is good for when you don’t understand something during lecture and need to learn about a topic in more depth. I would suggest following the readings given to you by lecturers because with course knowledge and knowledge outside of the course specification you are more likely to achieve higher grades on essays and exams.


The way you will be assessed is split between assignments and exams. The assignments usually involve essays, written exams, practical exams, group presentations and individual presentations. Having a mixture of assessments is quite good because it multiplies your skills and if you are too positive about one method you can make up for it with the other. Most of the assignments are online submission now.


Being organised is crucial for staying on top of assignments and feeling less stressed. This involves planning essays, spreading out revision and setting time aside for reading. Sometimes some assignments have due dates close together and to avoid feeling bombarded it’s best to start assignments early and plan which ones to focus on first. It’s so easy to leave assignments to last minute without even realising it but it’s best to avoid this to increase your chances of higher grades and maintaining positive well-being.


Whilst completing your academics it is easy to forget about your wellbeing and mental health. Forgetting to take care of yourself could lead to a build-up of stress that can lead to breakdowns, which we want to avoid. It’s important to take breaks whilst studying and reading (not super long ones though). Also, don’t overload yourself. Sport & Exercise Science has a society which allows you to socialise with course mates and lecturers so this may be a good way to chill out a bit. Make sure you have free time as well!!


For this course, there is a lot of support available to the students. If you need help with your assignments, revision, the course content, or the course, in general, you can book tutorials with your lecturers during the week. The staff are friendly and extremely helpful so don’t hesitate to ask for help if you need it. Also, if you are struggling to write essays there are services available in the Learning Resource Centre (LRC) to help you. Sessions can be booked to get some help.

Well, my last piece of advice is to study well, make memories and enjoy yourself. Good Luck!!!