Ayooluwa - Guide to the facilities

January 1 2020
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Guide to Sport & Exercise Facilities

Here is a short guide to the sport and exercise science facilities accessible.


Labs are used for practicals, on campus, there are physiology labs and performance labs. The physiology labs have all the equipment needed for physiological testing and anatomy. The performance labs have equipment related to fitness and training. These labs are supervised by staff and can be used for data collection for assignments and for practising practical exams. The labs have all the equipment needed for the course.

Learning Resource Centres (LRCs)

There are two Learning Resource Centres (LRCs) at the University of Hertfordshire. The one on College Lane Campus has the books needed for this course. Mostly every book that is under essential and recommended reading is found in this LRC. Books are loaned from the LRC and can be automatically renewed until the end of the academic year unless someone requires the book. There will be at least three copies of each book available and one copy that is only to be used in the LRC. There is also an online library system that tells you whether there are any books left to loan and has access to e-books. Every book you need for the course is available with the university, so it is best not to buy books in advance before starting the course. They will be in the LRC already. There are study rooms available for group sessions or individual study. There are silent study floors and quiet rooms available. The computers already have software on them that are needed for lectures and practical sessions. Additionally, there is a café and social space if you want to take a break from studying or want a bite to eat.

Lectures & Staff

All the lectures take place in lecture rooms. They are recorded and uploaded to Canvas so you can go over it many times. The lecture slides are also uploaded. Having these materials accessible online is extremely helpful when I have gaps in my lecture notes and for any misunderstandings, I had during the lecture. If you have any further misunderstandings, you can talk to your lecturers during the week. The lecturers are friendly and extremely helpful when you go to them for help. You can book tutorials with them or go to drop-in sessions that the lecturers set up.


The careers department give support for students that are looking for jobs, placements, internships and furthers study. They give advice on where to look, where to get more information etc. Additionally, they can help you with job interviews, applications, your CV, cover letters and finding vacancies.

I have found these facilities to be very helpful towards my degree and have not needed anything that the university does not have. Make sure you make the most of these facilities and utilise them. Good luck!!!