Ameisha - Things you should know

January 1 2020
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Things you need to know before studying Psychology at Herts

Before choosing psychology as a course, you should remain aware of the course content and what the different modules are made up of. Knowing this would allow you to be prepared for what you’ll be learning throughout your time at university.

So, the first thing to do is to look at the mandatory modules. However, you must keep in mind that some of these modules may also change over time. When doing my research into this, I realised that statistics for psychologist and Methods for psychologists (Lab work) is an essential aspect of the course, which is studied alongside traditional psychology modules. Once you have established that this is the course you want to study, and have done research into the modules involved- you should also consider these aspects:

Extra reading:

For most modules, additionally reading is a key requirement! The lecture slides usually consist of the basic information, which is needed to know on that topic, however, to exceed the bare minimum- you must also do the extra reading that is needed from you! The lecturers always expect you to do extra reading to enhance and enrichen the content they provide, so never forget to do this!


Some courses are 100% exam or 100% assignments, however, psychology has a combination of both exams and assignments as a form of assessment. A lot of the assignments consists of completing essays, usually of around 1500 words. However, for Methods for psychologists- these are made up of lab reports, which is usually based on the experiment you have been working on in the lab. For some modules, you are tested through an exam which usually requires you to complete an essay under timed conditions or a series of multiple-choice questions.

Keeping on track with the extra reading and gaining an understanding of the module content, is the most important aspect in obtaining a good grade for this course. Revision is still key to ensure all of this, but if you educate yourself on all that is recommended- then you’ll be all set to study Psychology at university.