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Ameisha - Week at a glance

January 1 2020
Model brain against green background

My week at a glance

A typical week for me has changed drastically, to say the least. With the lockdown measures in place, I have had to be inspired to pursue new hobbies and activities to pursue whilst respecting the social distancing measures and keeping safe. With that being said, it has allowed me to change my perspective into not only exploring new things but discovering varying ways to study and complete assignments.

With many of my lectures being posted online, it has become a responsibility to keep on track with these lectures. To ensure this, I read the lectures on the day it is posted on. I record my notes underneath each lecture slide, alongside highlight any key points mentioned for revision purposes. Any extra reading that is attached to the lecture, I distribute across the week so that I don`t have too much of a heavy workload for one day. For the modules that I have exams for, I use Quizlet to create exam questions for myself to test myself on; so that I can determine my strengths and weaknesses.

Regarding any assignments set, this is something that I also breakdown into sections daily so that I am not too stressed with the amount. One assignment consisted of a group project in which we had to not only analyse various interview techniques, but we had to create a poster together and rehearse for an online presentation with our module leader. We were able to conduct this through a series of facetime calls which we scheduled ahead of time, so we knew exactly when to discuss our ideas. The workload was also split between us all, in which we created deadlines for ourselves to keep on track. For my individual assignments like essays, I gave myself a maximum of one week to finish each one so that I gave myself enough time to complete any other work I had left. The first couple of days would be dedicated to reading and planning, in which I would then complete a paragraph per day until I was finished.

After reviewing my lecture notes or completing my daily work, I would try to incorporate some form of activity whether it was completing a 45minute home workout video or taking my little sisters to the park to play any sports or go jogging. Exercise has been something I recently incorporated into my routine since lockdown, as this was not a regular activity for me prior. In addition, because I am now at home; I take advantage of the open space in the park as this is found directly behind my house. As part of my downtime, I will play games on my laptop or may watch any interesting tv series I discover.

However, now that I have completed all my assignments and classwork; I am now on the lookout for any work experience that will be relatable to my aspiration. As a psychology student, finding a placement is essential for not just my course, but for myself as I will be able to enhance my experience and skills within this field.