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The University of Hertfordshire offers you a unique opportunity to spend part of your course studying at one of our many partner universities around the world or to take a work placement overseas.

Why should I study abroad?

With more and more companies working internationally, there has never been a better time to be well travelled. Experience of living in another country - and even better, speaking the language – can make a great impression on future employers. It is an adventure you will never forget, boosting your confidence, increasing your independence, introducing you to new people and cultures and giving you a fresh perspective on the world. You will also pick up valuable skills and experience that will help you stand out from the crowd.

In terms of employability, a Universities UK report (2019) showed that mobile graduates are more likely to get a better class of degree, to be in a graduate level job and to have a higher starting salary and less likely to be unemployed.

It may also not cost as much as you think. Many of our destinations have a lower cost of living and you may be eligible for financial support.

Can I study abroad?

Study abroad is open to undergraduate students on the vast majority of our courses. All eligible students can study in an additional ‘sandwich’ year, taken between the second and final years, and on some courses, you are also able to study abroad in the second year.

You may be required to achieve certain grades to study abroad or at some partner universities. It may also be subject to sufficient places being available and suitable modules being offered in terms of curriculum.

You will gain academic recognition for your period of study abroad, which may be in terms of credit, the degree award title or both.

You will be expected to take the same workload as the undergraduate students you will be studying alongside at the partner university. This will be the equivalent of 60 UK credits per semester and 120 UK credits for the whole year.

How long can I study for?

You can study for a semester or a whole year, depending on your course and where you want to go. If you elect to take an additional ‘sandwich year’, you also have a chance of combining study with a work placement.

If you cannot take a semester or year, we also offer summer schools at our partner universities which we advertise in the spring of each year. Summer schools will normally last three to four weeks and will also give you that valuable international experience. You may want to try a summer school first before committing to a semester or a whole year of studying abroad.

Tuition fees

You pay no tuition fees to the partner university while studying abroad.

However, you do pay fees to the University of Hertfordshire in the second year. You do not pay fees to the University of Hertfordshire in the sandwich year.

Type of study programmeTuition fees
UK nationals studying abroad for two semesters in the second year15% tuition fees
International students studying abroad for two semesters in the second yearFull tuition fees
UK and international students studying abroad for one semester in the second yearFull tuition fees
UK and international students studying abroad in a sandwich year of a four year degreeNil fees

Financial support

You may be eligible to receive loans from Student Finance England which you normally receive for study. You may also be eligible to receive a grant under the UK Turing scheme, subject to availability. Students do not apply directly to the Turing scheme as this is done by the University.

The Turing scheme offers funding support to all undergraduate students  studying abroad worldwide, where travel is permitted. However, funding under the scheme is limited and is not guaranteed until after you have started your study abroad placement. Turing grants help with travel and living costs to study at a partner university abroad. Turing also offers additional grant support for students from disadvantaged backgrounds and with special needs.

In addition, the University offers a number of its own Global Scholarships and Santander Universities scholarships.

Our partners

We have partnerships with universities in more than 40 different countries all around the world, offering you a wide choice of destinations on six continents.

See the full list of our partner universities .


You don't necessarily need to speak a foreign language to study abroad. We have a wide range of partnerships in English speaking countries.

However, you can also study in English at most of our partner universities in non-English speaking countries, while learning the local language alongside as a bonus. Being surrounded by native speakers will help you improve your language skills quickly and get even more out of your international experience.

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