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As an international student sponsored by the University on a Student Visa, it is extremely important that you comply with the conditions associated with the visa sponsorship.

Conditions of your visa

There are certain conditions that you must be aware of. These include:

  • Your right to work in the UK
  • Your responsibilities as a person with Student Visa leave

The conditions attached to your Student Visa can be found on your vignette (the sticker in your passport), on your Biometric Residence Permit (BRP) or on the decision letter which came with your visa.

If you don't comply with the conditions

If you do not follow the conditions of your visa and the responsibilities which come with holding a visa, the University will have no choice but to report your visa to the Home Office.  The Home Office may then curtail (cancel) your visa. Curtailment can result in your withdrawal from the University, removal from the UK, affect future immigration applications and may even result in a bar from returning to the UK for a certain period of time.

It is therefore very important that you maintain your Student Visa by understanding the conditions and responsibilities that are attached to it.

Your responsibilities

The University of Hertfordshire will assist Student Visa holders in remaining compliant with the regulations governing the Student Visa, but it is necessary for the individual to take responsibility for maintaining their personal information and documents.

Your responsibilities as a Student Visa holder include:

  • The University is required to keep copies of your passport pages showing all personal details and visa stamps or documents to evidence your entitlement to study in the UK. You must make sure that your current passport & visa/Biometric Residence Permit (BRP) have been scanned by the University at registration/re-enrolment, & immediately every time you renew your passport and/or visa.
  • To immediately inform the University of any changes to your circumstances that may affect your visa status in the UK – this includes changing to another immigration leave type.
  • Providing the University with your UK contact details (address/email address/mobile telephone number) and keeping them up to date via your Studynet account (it is your responsibility to update your contact details via Studynet).
  • Informing the Home Office of any changes required by them (including changes to your UK address).
  • You must study only at the university that issued you with the Confirmation of Acceptance of Studies (CAS) that you used to apply for your visa – in this case, the  University of Hertfordshire. In order to change institution you will need to make a new Student Visa application with a CAS from the new institution.
  • Registering for your programme on time each academic year.
  • Attending all required lectures and tutorials, and handing in all required coursework.
  • To study full-time (ensuring attendance in accordance with the University’s UPRs and your programme of study’s specific requirements).
  • To engage in mandatory University attendance monitoring processes, including Visa Checks and swiping your student ID card on a weekly basis.
  • To follow University processes if you decide to defer, suspend or withdraw from your studies and to return home.
  • To notify the University of any absences (medical or personal).
  • To inform the University if you complete your studies earlier than expected.
  • To obtain new ATAS clearance (if applicable) before changing your course, transferring to another course and extending your visa.
  • Adhering to work conditions as stipulated on your visa/Biometric Card (BRP), which includes not exceeding working hour restrictions.
  • To act within the conditions of your visa and within the law.
  • Not claiming public funds.

It is important to remember that any changes to your student status may impact on your visa, and possibly, your work entitlement. Changes could also affect your dependant’s permission to stay & work in the UK.

Additional information

For further information on protecting your Student Visa status, see the UKCISA website.

Find out more about your right to work in the UK.

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